Since 1933, Famous Supply has been fundamentally different than most organizations. For 90 years, four generations of the Blaushild family have worked to build a purpose-driven business whose family culture extends to over 1,200 associates, thousands of loyal customers and many valued suppliers.

Founder Hyman Blaushild’s mission was to supply heating contractors in Cleveland, Ohio with the products, parts, and services they needed to deliver comfort during frigid Northeast Ohio winters. What began as one branch on Woodland Avenue has grown to 48 branch locations, 3 distribution centers, 9 kitchen, bath, and home showrooms, and 19 Famous University classrooms. The company has evolved into one of the industry's premier distributors of HVAC, Plumbing, PVF and Building Products.

Marc Blaushild, third generation and current President & CEO stated, "In line with our fifth Core Value of Continuous Improvement, our goal is to enhance the service we provide to our customers and the value we offer them. If we continue to grow and share in our success with our associates, they see that we’re investing in them and the company, and our people will take care of our customers to preserve our legacy. When I think about where we are as a company, where we’ve been and where we’re going, it’s exciting because our future is bright. We respect our heritage and our tradition, and work to innovate and evolve. It’s all about our people. Our people care and they’re working as a team, and that makes it all worthwhile."

Famous continues to look toward the future. Brian Blaushild, fourth generation and current VP of Business Development said, "I really feel like we're about as young of a company at 90 as you can be. Our vision is to be a great company. Our purpose is: To build meaningful relationships for life. We understand that the only way we can keep customers for life is by providing them with the best service we can, every moment of the day. The goal is to keep improving and get better at what we’re doing. I’m not enamored with the numbers, whether it’s sales or how many branches we have. As long as we get the right people who commit to making the company better, we won’t fall short of our goal."

Being a multi-generational business gives Famous the advantage of longevity and stability in the marketplace. It enables us to better relate to our multi-generational customers, many of whom have grown their businesses and families right alongside us.

Jay Blaushild, second generation and former beloved leader will always be remembered as the master of our Fundamental: Practice the Human Connection. Jay once shared that if he looked at some of his closest friends, they were fellow associates, customers, and vendors. He always encouraged associates to get close to our customers, so we could build trust and serve them better.

Just as Hyman Blaushild was committed to hiring associates who shared his values so many years ago, when reflecting on how Famous Supply has reached this milestone, Brian shared, "The secret of our success is that we truly care that the associates joining our company, that they fit our culture and our fundamental values," he added. "Part of working for a company is enjoying the work and enjoying your teammates. We've built a culture where people feel they can make a difference and are empowered to do what is best for the customer."

Although Famous Supply has endured the test of time as an organization since 1933, they are only just beginning. They are still learning in their journey toward achieving their vision: To be a great company. Marc shared, "Many years from now, as my sons and all other associates walk through future branches of Famous, if they’re struck by the same feeling that comes from watching our team be empowered, work together and grow, we will have been successful."