IMARK Plumbing recognized members and suppliers who achieved results and successfully participated within IMARK marketing programs. Ted Havel, vice president of marketing & supplier relations said, “We are grateful to see the growing success and participation among IMARK members and suppliers. Those recognized participate fully and effectively in supporting strategic IMARK initiatives.” 

The IMARK Plumbing preferred suppliers listed below were recognized based on the results of a member ranking process, which was determined by the suppliers’ level of involvement in the following areas: IMARK marketing, communications, and training programs, IMARK program execution and the support of IMARK members. Awards were given within each of the following categories, Marketing, Merchandising, Product and Promotion. 

Marketing Award: Suppliers that excel in promoting their brand, product training, creating end-user demand, provide helpful marketing resources and offer effective marketing funds: Gerber Plumbing Fixtures 

Merchandising Award: Suppliers that excel in offering effective merchandising displays/signage and training member personnel on merchandised products: Diablo Tools

Product Award: Suppliers that excel in offering top-quality products, and developing new and innovative products: Barry E Walter, Sr. Company 

Promotion Award: Suppliers that excel in creating consistent and effective promotional offers and create the most effective IMARK Exclusive promotions: Matco Norca.  

Supplier of the Year: Suppliers that received numerous ratings in each of the four categories (Marketing, Merchandising, Product and Promotion) and suppliers that achieved status on the 2022 Supplier Gold / Platinum Program. Bradford White Corporation.  

IMARK Plumbing recognized the following members for distinguished performance in 2022. The members listed below were recognized (based on objective criteria tracked by IMARK HQ) for their effective implementation of IMARK marketing and training programs, their exemplary support of IMARK preferred suppliers and achieved status on the 2022 Member Premier Program.

Cayce Mill Supply Company, Hopkinsville, KY; General Plumbing Supply Company, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA; KIE Supply Corporation, Kennewick, WA; Wiseway, Florence, KY; The Tap Of Kansas Inc., Wichita, KS,  Heatwave Supply, Inc. Tulsa, OK.