ASA’s Business Intelligence Unit recently published its latest Quarterly Market Survey that tackled a bevy of human resource-related questions.

One of the questions asked ASA distributor companies how they are handling employee drug screens now that marijuana is legal in some states, especially when warehouse workers are operating forkligts and driving company vehicles?

The question elicited many responses, here are a few:

  • “We have removed marijuana from our preemployment drug screen process. For DOT drivers, we still test for it at preemployment and random pool.”
  • “Drug test upon hiring, random drug tests on an ongoing basis and same-day drug test if they look impaired.”
  • “We only screen drivers and after incidents.”
  • "We do not test for THC preemployment and only have a 9-panel preemployment test. We test for THC post-accident and for reasonable suspicion with a 10-panel test.”
  • “Marijuana is treated the same as alcohol in states that marijuana is legal. Management is responsible to monitor employee behavior and address if employee appears to be under the influence.”

To see the full list of responses to this question, plus the full 20-plus page survey, contact ASA Manager of Data and Market Intelligence Bri Baresel at and ask for a full copy of the report — a free member benefit.