Sloan launched its ESD-360 Top-fill Soap Dispenser to eliminate the hassle of going under the sink deck to refill soap reservoirs. Sloan’s top-fill soap dispenser is the only top-fill closed soap dispenser on the market, reducing labor time and eliminating safety concerns. Medical-grade connections provide a hygienic environment for soap transfer without drips or spills, the company states. 

The new soap dispenser includes a top cover that slides open via a tamper-resistant unlocking feature. Once open, the soap refill bottle can be inserted into the spout. Until the dispenser recognizes that the refill is an approved refill, it will not open or allow filling into the reservoir. This provides a safety feature for facility managers and owners that vandalism of the dispenser, by filling the dispenser with any unapproved liquid, is not possible. This also eliminates air inside the reservoir that can encourage the growth of bacteria.