You cannot read a newspaper, turn on the news or even have a casual conversation at one of your counters without hearing about the struggle every business is having to attract talented people today. 

And how do we as an industry combat these headwinds? Do we proudly promote the incredible career paths we offer young people? Do we regularly expose outsiders to the vibrant, supportive and collaborative industry we are fortunate enough to be a part of? Generally speaking, no. 

We offer cheap punchlines and passing comments when given the chance to promote our industry. At least I know that is how I always used to respond. When asked what I do for a living, I would inevitably respond “I sell toilets.”  And therefore exchange a cheap laugh for a missed opportunity. 

We all know this is a great business filled with incredible people and bountiful opportunities. It’s time for all of us to get serious about promoting it as a great place for people to start and expand their career. 

As always, ASA is uniquely positioned to help us meet these challenges. Starting a few years ago and now in full swing, ASA’s Project TALENT is a trailblazing effort to lead our industry forward in the daily battle for new talent. 

Over the past year, ASA has launched a social media advertising campaign that has generated 10 million impressions, 167,000 page views, 80,000 clicks on our ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and 700 job listings on our job board at

We need everyone in this industry to help attract the top talent we need to fill the job openings we anticipate over the next few years.

Project TALENT has created sample social media ads, illustrations, images and stock photos, job descriptions and logos in the extensive Career Tool Box — all of which are free to our members to support their outreach to potential employees.  

Our new tagline is “We’re in the Growth Business” and it is beginning to resonate with our potential audience as we work to attract those seeking a great career path. Safe to say that tagline beats a tired toilet joke any day! 

But ASA can’t do it alone. We need everyone in this industry to help attract the top talent we need to fill the job openings we anticipate over the next few years, and also to help stem the losses as many of our talented team members retire.  

Are you building a pipeline to potential workers?  Does your company website reflect the exciting career opportunities that exist at your company?  Are you showcasing your team and their career successes? Are you highlighting the training that you invest in to help your team members advance their career? 

Would you click on your site to learn more if you were a career seeker?  If any of these questions give you pause, then it’s time to get started.  If you’re a member of ASA, you need to link into the great tools we have to help you.  If you’re not a member, then maybe it’s time to join your national trade association. 

ASA and Project TALENT have given us the tools to win in the war for talent. Let’s drop the punchlines and meet this new opportunity to attract the next generation of leaders to our great industry. 

Our time is now.