RectorSeal has released enhanced solvent cements and primers in a variety of sizes and formulas for welding PVC, CPVC and ABS pipe installations, offering customer requested convenience features and enhanced performance benefits.

Several RectorSeal primers are now ATSM F656, LEED and NSF 61 Certified, including Jim PR-1L, Clear PR-2L and Bill PR-3. Jim PR-1L is a fast-acting, high-etch, purple primer for PVC and CPVC pipe, tubing and socket-type fittings, RectorSeal notes. Clear PR-2L offers similar features as Jim PR-1L but is transparent. Bill PR-3 is also a clear primer that etches and penetrates surfaces, increases the bonding strength on PVC and CPVC systems and helps to make a clean, professional-looking joint, the company adds.

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