BainUltra's latest freestanding tub design, the Libra 6632, is named in honor of the celestial constellation depicting weighted scales. The Libra bathtub embodies the essence of harmony and peace with its flowing lines and sleek elegance, BainUltra notes.

Measuring 66" x 32" x 23", the Libra is sized to comfortably accommodate two bathers. The Libra is offered in two configurations with the brand’s full spectrum of  therapy options. In the Thermomasseur category, the tub features 42 adjustable air jets, a heated back rest and their signature Geysair system to deliver hot-air hydro-thermo massage. As a soaker tub, Libra includes an optional WarmTouchShell with heating zones contained in the bath’s inner shell. Both versions of Libra are offered with the Illuzio chromatherapy option of soothing colored lights for a true sensory bath experience, BainUltra adds.