So what do 130 leading PHCP-PVF distributors all have in common?

They are all engaged in taking advantage of the continually growing value that ASA University offers to train their teams. With 177 courses available through ASA University compiling 52 key competencies, 30 role-based training tracks, including 30 unique job descriptions with 30 corresponding job performance assessments, ASA is in a strong position to help our members attract, develop and retain a labor force that will become the best educated, best trained and most professional in the industry.

That has been one of our driving goals established more than 10 years ago, and one we have made great progress toward achieving. And the proof is in the detail as ASA Chairman Bill Glockner (Hirsch Pipe & Supply) reported last year, describing how our education team delivered the following:

  • 9,443 learners have taken courses in ASA-U online;
  • 76,319 hours of training have been completed; and
  • 99,493 courses have been taken.

With our industry and ASA membership facing unparalleled times of disruption from competition for labor, enhanced sophistication of competitors, attacks from technology giants and greater demands from customers, having access to a comprehensive array of education to not just train our new employees but to strengthen the skillsets of our current employees is rapidly becoming the front line of defense to winning the future.

Supporting our members’ ability to effectively compete in the future is greatly enhanced through the power of ASA University. ASA-U is the standard by which serious distributors are training their teams. Our programs not only offer personalized support, resources and training to better prepare employees for the challenges ahead, but we have tools and programs to develop future managers and leaders.

ASA University is not just a library of online classes, it is a customized experience, focusing the training directly to the needs of each employee. Customized training tracks focusing on job-specific roles or one-off targeted courses, mentoring, succession planning, employee engagement, career pathways, onboarding and performance management are the ways we can support your culture of talent management.

Perhaps the most valuable program in place that speaks directly to our mission of ensuring succession in leadership is the Master of Distribution Management offered through ASA-U. MDM is an intensive program that will refine an employee’s potential for management leadership into a reality of excellence by delivering an 8-point program that focuses on key competencies such as strategic thinking, delegating and follow-up, planning and organizing, building trust and gaining commitment and managing conflict.

As employee skillsets grow through education and real-time projects, so does the impact on the operations of your company. MDM is continuing to gain value and relevance as we look forward to graduating nearly 50 MDM students later this year.

If you are serious about the future and how your company will be positioned to win, the time is now to train and invest in your greatest asset.

Visit the ASA website at and flip through the ASA University online brochure and see how we can help you!