PHCC National Association put out a statement today noting it is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of GSM Services employee James Lewis, a HVAC service technician who was killed during a mass shooting that took place April 7 in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Mr. Lewis was one of two HVAC service technicians working on a couple’s home when a gunman entered the residence and killed a couple, their grandchildren and Mr. Lewis. The family included Dr. Robert Lesslie, his wife Barbara, and two grandchildren. The second GSM employee, Robert Shook, was also shot and is in critical condition. PHCC — National Association President-elect Joel Long is a co-owner with his brother Steven Long of GSM Services – a PHCC Contractor-member located in Gastonia, North Carolina, who in a statement issued by the PHCC of North Carolina, stated that “These were two of our best!”

CNN affiliate WSOC-TV reported that Lewis, 38, was a single father of three children who “was killed doing the job he loved, making a living for the family he adored.” His mother Linda Tucker told WSOC-TV: “He helped anybody, he was a kind guy, a great dad…”  

PHCC of North Carolina Board President Rob McClintock shared, “Joel [Long] and the entire GSM Community also wanted to express [their] gratitude for the outpouring of love and support they have received in this difficult time.” The statement also indicated there would be more information coming on how to support the families."

“This is a heartbreaking incident,” said PHCC — National Association President Hunter Botto. “Our hearts go out to the families of Mr. Lewis, Mr. Shook, the entire GSM Services organization, as well as the Lesslie’s. We are grateful for these GSM technicians: honorable people who, while providing essential services to protect public health and safety, became innocent victims of such a horrific tragedy. The entire PHCC family extends our deepest sympathies for the loss of Mr. Lewis and prayers for Mr. Shook’s ongoing recovery.”   

PHCC — National Association Executive Vice President Michael Copp remarked, “Though we look down in deference with bowed heads, our eyes will slowly rise to see a way forward through the thick haze of hurt to honor these professionals who we will never forget.”