The annual ASA Safety Award, sponsored by the ASA Safety Committee, recognizes ASA members that have shown they have gone above and beyond in the area of worker safety. Each year, the ASA Safety Committee recognizes three wholesaler/distributor member companies and three manufacturing member companies for their high level of worker safety. The applications for the 2021 reporting year are now being accepted, and members can apply for the ASA Safety Award by completing the application form which is available at The deadline for submittal is Sept. 1.

The ASA Safety Committee selects the recipients of the award based on the results of the company’s previous year’s total case incident rate (TCIR) as reported on OSHA form 300A, Summary of Work Related Injuries and Illnesses. Up to six (6) Safety Awards are issued, three (3) to ASA Distributor members and three (3) to ASA Vendor members. The
Distributor and Vendor member’s applications are divided up into 3 size categories based on the total number of person-hours worked in 2020.

The application process is simple and it only requires the completion of the one-page application form and submittal of your companies completed OSHA 300A report. 

The following highlight some of the benefits for applying for the award:

  • The award highlights your company’s efforts to achieve safety excellence while providing an opportunity to emphasize the importance of safety to your peer companies and your employees;
  • The information from the award applications helps the ASA Safety Committee to analyze member safety data and design future training and educational programs to help our members continuously improve; and
  • Award recipients will be recognized in the Supply House Times magazine, ASA Insights e-newsletter, on the ASA website and via an industry wide press release.

Rather than list even more benefits, I thought it would be beneficial to hear from two of the past recipients of the award:

"Safety is the number one core value at NIBCO," says Ricky Bryant, corporate compliance manager, NIBCO. "All NIBCO associates work very hard to complete their duties in a safe manner, not every day but every minute of every day.  I believe they deserve the recognition for this great work with internal and external service awards such as the ASA Safety award."

"Safety is a culture that starts at the top of every organization," says Bill Green, human resources director and safety manager, Wolff Brothers Supply. "Our solid safety record at Wolff Bros. Supply has developed through many years of reinforcing safety behaviors at all levels. We believe the little things matter. Whether we are recognizing an employee in our company newsletter for submitting a safety suggestion, or displaying the ASA Safety Award recognizing our whole company, it is these consistent messages that continue the right culture. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of ASA and see so much value in the actions required to submit an application for this award among so many great companies. Competing for the award makes us better; receiving it is icing on the cake.”

Last year, we received a record number of applications. Our goal is to exceed that number for this year so now is the time to apply! Be sure to go to the ASA website at and complete and submit the application to me, Jim Kendzel (, by Sept. 1, to be considered.