Luxury Products Group (LPG) welcomes Commerce Township, Michigan-based Savance Enterprise as its newest supplier partner. Savance Enterprise’s ERP Software will be the first new service partner to join the group in 2021.

Savance Enterprise ERP Software is uniquely positioned to provide wholesaler-distributors with a complete package of business operations software for one, affordable, up-front price. In fact, Savance’s all-inclusive price model is one of the key factors that influenced LPG President Jeff MacDowell to evaluate the service provider.

“I was impressed by Savance’s 20-year proven commitment to the industry, standout customer service, and straightforward pricing. To me, that speaks volumes about a company and I am thrilled to have Savance as part of the LPG family of service providers,” said MacDowell. “Savance works with other verticals within the IMARK group, so it made perfect sense to have them join forces with us. I am confident they will help our members become more successful by providing a comprehensive solution to support customer demand,” added MacDowell.

Savance brings over 20 years of expertise to distributors in the PHCP, HVAC, Electrical, Lighting, and Industrial verticals. Their standout customer support has been pivotal for customers such as LPG member J & J Wholesale Supply, who transitioned to Savance in 2020, despite fluctuating market conditions.

As Owner Jason Carpenter explained, “I am a hard person to please. But everyone at Savance was willing to listen to me, to hear me out. We worked together to find solutions that worked for my business when necessary. That was, and still remains, a big deal to me.” In fact, Savance’s automation gave the distributor the ability to automate billing and alleviate the need for paper and additional handling. As a direct result, the added functionality helped slash customer payment time by proactively encouraging bill pay. “Customers are actually paying their bills earlier than they ever have before, which is unheard of in this industry."

The robust functionality of Savance Enterprise ERP Software includes paperless workflows, order fulfillment, warehouse management, financial reporting, demand management, purchasing, and accounting. In addition, contact management, eCommerce, analytics, and integrations for automated EDI workflows, are built into the system and available at no additional cost.

Jason Plasencia, Savance Enterprise ERP Software vice president is eager to partner with other LPG members to help them overcome pitfalls they may have experienced with typical run-of-the-mill providers. “A lot of distributors have been convinced a complete business solution should cost them an arm and a leg. Upcharging for features such as eCommerce, Warehouse Management, or other add-on modules is a bit like pulling a ‘bait and switch’.  It’s just not what we do. We earn business by delivering exactly what we promise: an affordable complete package with the customer service you expect with such an investment.”

LPG and Savance Enterprise will host an introductory webinar for members on Wednesday, February 24th at 1 pm E.T. Interested participants can reach out to LPG for sign up details.