IMARK Plumbing and Luxury Products Group (LPG) have launched a partnership with Fitbit to promote health and wellness for its members, and encourage networking through the platform with the help of key sponsors.

“I am excited to enter 2021 with a new purpose in helping members stay healthy,” said Jeff MacDowell, Executive Director of LPG. “Today we are now so much more than a buying group, and we need to be able to continue to do things that no other group would even consider.  Our parent vertical, IMARK Plumbing, has joined on as well to promote competitive challenges in fitness between independent wholesale locations and showrooms. This should make 2021 something to look forward to!”

“IMARK and LPG have an aggressive growth strategy and this offering fits the culture we have of caring for the personal well-being of each and every member”, said John Aykroyd, President of IMARK Plumbing. “We have so many great things coming in 2021, and this is the first of its kind.”

IMARK and LPG will have sponsor driven challenges every quarter, and look forward to involving Bradford-White water heaters, Blanco sinks, Oatey and Elkay Manufacturing Company to engage the members as well. It is the first partnership of its kind for Fitbit as well in our industry. The partnership will allow for virtual networking beyond just fitness challenges, which opens up opportunities for business best practice sharing, which is the foundation of our groups.