Viega now has its own branded pressing tools for use with its fittings: The Pressgun 6 and Pressgun 6 Picco. The tools, which are the first in North America to carry the Viega name, cost less than similar press tools from other manufacturers and are an affordable way for contractors to adopt pressing, Viega notes.

“We know the cost of tools has been a barrier for some contractors who want to adopt pressing,” said Dominic Küng, senior manager, product portfolio. “The lower price of the Pressgun 6 and Pressgun 6 Picco will make it easier for those customers to buy a tool and begin realizing the enormous benefits of pressing.”

The Pressgun 6 can press up to 4" ProPress copper and stainless and 2" MegaPress with the V2 actuator and rings, as well as 2" PureFlow PEX. Its features include and eight-second press cycle, LED display indicating number of presses left on the charge, and a steel cylinder head and jaw intake.