According to Standford News, approximately 42% of Americans are currently working from home. Businesses have been working tirelessly to keep employees safe, many by setting up the needed technology to work remotely. However, one New York City-based rep is doing something a little different — investing in a renovation project to build a state-of-the-art workspace.

Woods and Jaye Sales (WJNY) is a small manufacturers’ rep agency representing Jay R. Smith, Noritz and MrPEX, among other brands, in the New York area. President and CEO Stephen Jaye has focused on re-branding and bettering the business this year; one way he’s doing so is building a modern workspace for his 15 employees and his customers.

“It’s definitely going to be super unique,” he says. “There won’t be an office space like it. I’m trying to attract great employees with a great space to work in, and I want customers to feel like they’re in my home when they visit.”

The end result will include an open-air rooftop space, equip for socially distance meetings, game areas and relaxation spaces for employees and more. Jaye says he is looking to a post-pandemic world. “One day, we will go back to life as somewhat normal. I want to have the best space possible for my employees; I want them to want to come here and want to bring customers here.”

The new space will hopefully be finished in the spring, and Jaye thinks it will attract the next generation of talent to WJNY. “One of the greatest challenges for small businesses in our industry is recruiting good employees,” he says. “This will simply make our office a better place to work. I want it to be more open, wireless, attractive and comfortable.”

Jaye admits he was a little nervous about taking this leap to do something so different. “Our industry can be conservative at times, and I used to be a little afraid of how my different ideas would be received,” he says. “I’ve realized I like being different, and it usually pays off.”

“This really will help attract new business as well,” Jaye says. “When a manufacturer visits our new facility, they will be really impressed; it will be different from other reps they’ve visited and they won’t be able to forget our space.”