With wall-hung toilets ranking among the year's most in-demand bathroom options, ICERA offers a sleek collection of toilets that share this coveted space-saving feature.

After first appearing on the scene in Europe during the 1980s, wall-hung toilets have become increasingly popular with today’s emphasis on smaller spaces, sustainability and minimalist design. ICERA offers an array of design choices that capture these must-have traits and feature the best of the brand’s trademark plumbing technology, the company notes.

LILY – Gentle curves grab the attention here. A subtle roundness  adds an organic feel that adds a pleasing softness to the design space.
VISTA – A tribute to elegance. Sloped lines create a sophisticated feel that is refined yet on-trend.
KARO – A modern marvel of simplicity. Perfect proportions and clean lines give this design a most versatile look.
BAXTER – Inspired by geometry. The appeal of familiar shapes makes this design a favorite for any décor.

For more information about these eye-catching options for the bathroom or any ICERA product, visit icerausa.com.