California Faucets’ All-Brass Multifunction Handshowers feature a quick and easy way to enhance the overall bathing experience while adding a spa-like sense of luxury to the bath, the company says. Bathers can select from three spray settings to soothe tired muscles, refresh the spirit, or invigorate the body and mind, it adds.

Each handshower comes in four design aesthetics: Traditional, with a slight curve and ring detail; the streamlined and tubular Contemporary; Industrial, which features a circular knurling detail on either end of the handle; and the vintage Steampunk with markings reminiscent of a steam valve gauge. Users can further customize their shower experience by selecting any of three functions: Jet for a vigorous spray, Massage for relaxation, and Air for a lighter, gentle sensation.

Measuring 4 1/8” in diameter, the All-Brass Multifunction Handshowers are hand-finished to order. They come in a rainbow of artisan color choices, from standard chrome finishes, and trending gold and brass hues, to black and white finishes, and even an array of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) finishes guaranteed against tarnishing for the life of the product, the company notes. An array of Decorative Swivel Wall Brackets — including Rope, Line, Hex, Concave, Round, Square and Quad — helps complete the look. Locking swivels enable users to securely position the handshower angle “just right” for the most comfortable, personalized shower experience. California Faucets.