The American Supply Association is one of more than 110 industry associations requesting President Trump, state governors, mayors and other local elected officials band together to produce uniform definitions of “critical infrastructure,” making clear what manufacturers must continue to operate, as well as take seriously the need to transport those products and have the workforce available to keep operations running.

The coalition letter notes well-intentioned actions are being taken at the state and local levels that may fundamentally impede or otherwise threaten the supply of critical products.

The letter adds curfews that do not consider transportation and workforce needs could quickly become significant barriers to not only supply chains, but also actual supplies.

The coalition of organizations is asking for the following actions to be coordinated in the most expedient fashion:

1. States should agree to directly adopt the definition of “critical infrastructure” as defined by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a floor and commit to keep these critical manufacturing facilities open across the nation.  Follow guidance from the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to identify essential critical infrastructure workers during COVID-19 response. Attempt to coordinate all states and localities to achieve as uniform a definition and consistent application as possible, recognizing the need for states or localities to provide broader definitions of critical infrastructure based on their own state or local circumstances.

2. Commit to not creating any artificial barriers to the transportation of these products and work in a coordinated fashion to ensure the safe shipment of goods from manufacturing facilities to retailers.

3. Ensure that any curfews do not impede a healthy workforce from getting to and from manufacturing facilities and retailers during all necessary hours of operation.

The letter asks the president and state officials that while they consider national, statewide or local measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, they also take action to make sure these industries are consistently designated essential and permitted to maintain operations throughout this challenging time, using the DHS definition as a minimum guide to the fullest extent practicable. 

The letter concludes by noting these member companies are proud to support the ongoing national response to COVID-19, and will continue to act responsibly and limit the spread of the virus at their facilities.

The coalition asks that those facilities, workforces and their supply chains continue to operate uninterrupted so that they can provide the strongest possible response for the American public.