ASA University is pleased to announce that Michelle Nolin, CPLP, has been selected to lead the ASA ADVISE program for 2020. Nolin is president and founder of Learn Ethos, a learning and development consulting and strategic firm specializing in certificate programs, continuing education and corporate training in the U.S. and abroad. 

As an ATD-Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP), a learning strategist, technology geek, and award-winning instructional designer with 25-plus years of experience and leadership in the field of adult learning, Nolin is well-qualified to assist ASA member-distributors with the development and implementation of their company training plans.

ASA Education Foundation Executive Director Amy Black worked diligently alongside the ASA Education Foundation Trustees to evaluate and work on significant improvements to the ASA University ADVISE Program, Black notes. “The decision to bring on Michelle as our new training expert is a decision we are excited about,” she says. “We are looking forward to working alongside Michelle in order to provide great value to our members and we are thrilled to be working with Michelle on this next round of ADVISE programs. Her experience and enthusiasm around training will greatly benefit our members as they start, or continue, their employee development journey.” 

In addition to bringing on Nolin, the foundation Board of Trustees approved a significant reduction in the fees to participate in the program. The belief is that by providing this program to as many ASA members as possible, the ultimate objective of “ASA members being at the cutting edge of workforce development and training development” will be achieved.  Finally, the program has been further revised to incorporate the use of ongoing online discussions facilitated by Nolin with groups of members who have participated in the workshop and have started to implement their training development plans.

Black adds: “You will not find a more robust and valuable program for serving the PHCP and PVF wholesaler/distributor market. We are also very happy to provide the entire program for under $200 per participant.”

ASA ADVISE is a unique, cost-effective and interactive program that provides companies with the tools to create an organization-wide training plan along with on-going expert-facilitated support for successful execution. Through a three-phased approach, ADVISE helps members understand the time and resources necessary to launch a successful employee development program, guides participants through a building process while learning from others and an expert, and provides support through one-on-one calls and group webinars for ongoing assistance.

Past participants have found that the program not only provides the framework for an effective and measureable plan, the tools and know-how to implement, but also the confidence and knowledge to sustain such a program. 

> Those looking to cross “Develop Training Program for Company” off of the list for 2020 can visit or contact an ASA-U Advisor at