ASA University is pleased to announce the expansion of its online course offerings. Planned for release in Spring 2019, a new Valve Actuation course will aim to inform users on the basics of valve actuation with a review of valve automation concepts, exploration of various types of automated valves and their function, and how to appropriately select and size actuators in the field setting.


New Valve Actuation course

Containing six modules, this course will first present a prerequisite module to set the stage for the in-depth discussion of valve automation. Also covered will be the advantages and disadvantages of various basic types of valves in relation to their automation abilities (ball, butterfly, etc.), as well as the same for more complex valve setups (modulating control valves, triple offset, etc.).

Once the learner has established a core understanding of the basic material, subsequent modules will explore different types of actuators, specifics of sizing rotary actuators, on/off pneumatic actuator accessories, and finally, positioners of all types: pneumatic, electric, electro-pneumatic and digital. Each module will delve into a specific facet of valve actuation, leaving the learner with a holistic understanding of how to evaluate, select, size, install and use automated valves appropriately when completed.

Several examples of real-life application scenarios for automated valves will be presented to the learner, offering context and a deeper understanding of how these machines may be appropriated in the field. A non-biased presentation of different valve manufacturers will demonstrate the wide variety of valve actuation products on the market today.


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