In the October Supply House Times, you wrote about pet peeves (Dan Holohan’s column “Your customers’ pet peeves”). I have my own — when I send my wife for parts and she is mistreated. I needed a part so I called the supplier. Yes, it is in stock. Wife is shopping in the vicinity, so I called her to stop and get part.

Wife: My husband asked me to pick up part 123XYZ.
Steve (counterman):  It isn’t in stock.
Wife:  My husband just called and talked to Steve. Steve said it is in stock.
Steve:  Nobody named Steve works here.
Carl (down the counter):  Steve, don’t do that.
Steve:  Sorry. Just kidding. I’ll go look.
Steve:  Here it is.
Wife: Let’s look in the box and see that it is the right part.
Steve: We don’t need to look. It says right here on the box.
Wife: I know, but last time we got this part, the wrong part was in the box.
Wife: These numbers don’t match.
Steve: Sure they do.
Bystander: No they don’t.
Steve: It must be a cross (pause).
Carl: They don’t cross.
Steve:  Well, the number on the box matches. What do you expect me to do? Look in every box until I find the right part?
Wife:  Never mind (walks out).

Amazon had it on my step the next day. My wife refuses to go back to that supplier. I do, too.
Al Kenyon

Dan, I just read your article in Supply House Times (“Your customers’ pet peeves”). I am a counter person in the plumbing world here in the Midwest and have more than 30 years in this business. So much of this is true in the wholesale world we live in. I really enjoyed your article and am looking forward to the next one.
Mike Hopkins
Plumbers Supply