I’ve been involved with ASA for almost three decades. During that time, I’ve seen a lot of changes to both the association and the industry; I’ve also learned a lot of lessons. The high quality of nationally recognized speakers and the knowledge and information shared at conferences just keeps getting better and more relevant to our ever-changing industry. One particular presenter that stands out, gave a speech at an ASA conference several years ago titled, “In the Hallway,” which highlighted the importance of building and maintaining your professional network. From its inception, ASA has been a strong resource for collaboration and networking.

During the last decade, ASA has focused on its mission to make the association indispensable to its members by adding valuable services at an exponential pace, including legislative initiatives, business intelligence and many educational opportunities. In a changing industry where consolidations, an aging workforce and maintaining a competitive edge are factors, ASA adapts quickly and effectively to serve the needs of its members.

Two years into my membership with ASA, I was involved with the Young Executive Council. Growing up in a non-family-owned business, I was out of my element trying to learn to lead a family-run company. During one of our meetings, I presented my resignation letter detailing a list of challenges and issues I was facing. My fellow council members took one look, smiled knowingly, and shared with me their knowledge and experience dealing with the exact issues that had me stymied. One might say that ASA saved me from leaving the industry.