ASA has been working hard to build a stronger voice and to advance the ASA footprint on Capitol Hill by holding over 50 visits with the ASA Advocacy team and key members of Congress as well as attending numerous coalition meetings. These meetings are important avenues in strategizing and advancing the organization’s issues. 

The association has become a “go-to” organization for members of Congress and their staff.  With critical issues such as the passage of the USMCA, workforce readiness, Affordable Care Act, tax extenders and clean drinking water facing business owners over the next six to 12 months, engaging the roughly 1,000 business owners and nearly 200,000 industry employees is vital for success. Former House Speaker Tip O’Neill’s famous quote “All politics is local,” is absolutely true. Personal visits from constituents are the most important part of any advocacy program and the reason for ASA’s success each year. These visits are an opportunity to develop and affirm trusting working, personal relationships with members of Congress and their staff.

ASA’s goal is to help members lay the foundation for ongoing and productive communication with their elected officials in Washington, and at the state level, regarding the needs of their businesses. Members of the ASA Advocacy team also work hard to help members understand how legislation and regulations on key issues will impact the PHCP and PVF industry. 

There are two different options ASA members have to engage with their members of Congress; a Capitol Hill visit or the member of Congress visiting a company facility. Both are equally as important when engaging advocacy on important legislative issues that affect the PHCP-PVP industry.

The ASA Advocacy staff is available to help you:

  • Determine which issues would be most effective to address with a particular member of Congress;

  • Provide talking points and materials;

  • Coordinate with other ASA members from the same state to determine which participants are best-suited (based on constituency and/or other relationships) to attend which meetings – this is particularly important in states with large congressional delegations; and

  • Submit meeting requests (noting expected participants and issues to be addressed) via e-mail to the members’ schedulers.

The opportunity to use one’s voice to have a direct impact on how legislation and regulation impact business and our industry is important. Too often, stakeholders lose interest in Washington and prefer to let larger industry groups fight battles on their behalf. However, these stakeholders have the most to lose. Decisions made in Washington, D.C. can do great harm to a business, but they can also create tremendous benefits.

Another way to have a direct impact with federal and state representatives is to engage in ASA grassroots campaigns. ASA has the capability to track legislative and regulatory activity at both the federal and state levels and will often times reach out to members and other stakeholders in the industry to personally contact government representatives expressing the position of the PHCP or PVF industries. 

Inviting members of Congress to visit  your local facility or coming to Capitol Hill are chances to stand up to what matters.