Bathroom accessories become all the more sought-after whenever multiple functions are at play, Ginger says. Several of the company’s unique toiletry shelves/trays double as towel holders, expanding an already useful bathroom fixture into a dual-purpose product that speaks to a number of needs at once. This highly versatile accessory is an ideal solution for smaller bathrooms, or for larger bath environments where an open atmosphere relies on conservation of space. Whether they’re used to store small items, towels or both, these toiletry shelves/trays from Ginger are designed to put style and convenience within reach, the company notes.

Chelsea: The perfect choice for a transitional bathroom, the Chelsea collection’s combination shelf and towel holder exudes strength and style, Ginger says. With a mix of solid brass and tempered glass, the shelf infuses strong functionality within a stylish, multipurpose bath accessory, it notes.

• Circe: A pair of smooth, elegant curved hooks accentuate the highly adaptable shelf from the classically-inspired Circe collection, the company says. A graceful touch of modern form and build separates the design from more traditional styles, while a resolute beauty enhances any bathroom in which it resides, it notes.

• London Terrace (pictured)Hearkening back to the Industrial Age, London Terrace blends classic functionality with a touch of modernity in a combination shelf and towel holder, Ginger says. Circular backplates reflect a fashionable contemporary theme, while ridged borders bridge the gap between industrial and chic, it notes. London Terrace is also available as a classic shelf for toiletry items.