ASA University has tailored its product knowledge offerings to meet the needs of our Industrial Piping Division membership. Employees can now learn about the types, uses, and descriptions about the products you sell and the systems in which they are utilized to improve profitability, reduce expenses, elevate customer service and shorten time to competence.

Industrial course offerings through ASA-U include:

  • Introduction to INDUSTRIAL Pipe, Valves, and Fittings©
  • Introduction to INDUSTRIAL Steel, Stainless Steel Pipe, and Fittings©
  • Introduction to INDUSTRIAL Copper Tube, Plastic Pipe, and Fittings©
  • INDUSTRIAL Schematic© - Steam System Training Package
  • INDUSTRIAL Valves©
  • Coming Soon! Valve Actuation©

ASA University is the industry recognized standard for training. With its five colleges, 32 role-based training tracks and more than 200 online courses, ASA-U addresses the needs of both new and seasoned employees and provides PVF members the ability to recruit, develop and retain critical staff.


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