The Emerging Leaders Division continues to grow year-over-year. One of the primary reasons ASA members join EL is to gain knowledge, share ideas and prepare for what it takes to become a future leader in the industry. The Emerging Leaders Division prides itself on developing the essential skills and key relationships that are critical to the success of up-and-coming industry leaders. The EL Division also provides an additional networking opportunity with ASA members that wouldn’t be available at any other industry events.


Sharing industry knowledge

Being knowledgeable about a topic, subject, or even industry is one thing, but sharing and incorporating industry knowledge by working together to achieve a common goal… that is what Emerging Leaders exemplifies. It’s about bouncing ideas off one another, learning more about what is happening today within the industry, and speaking with professionals about what has happened in the past to get to where ASA members are today. Remember, everybody started in the same boat at some point, but it’s up to you to raise the bar. By creating business relationships and operating as one, the Emerging Leaders Division has the potential to create many more industry leaders in the near future.


Industry challenges

As the industry faces the challenges that are identified by ASA’s ISATs (Issue Strategic Action Team), the EL Division is comprised of the individuals who will be taking on a large portion of the three issues ASA is beginning to tackle. These issues are technology, human capital, and spectrum of a distributor. With the mentorship and continuous sharpening of skills, the EL Division today will be the future leadership for these challenges as our industry faces them head on in the upcoming years.

For more than 15 years, the Emerging Leaders Division has produced men and women who are now top-level executives of the same or other companies they started out at when first joining the division. Utilizing the relationships built within this group not only strengthens EL members’ involvement within the industry but also creates friendships along the way.


Now is the time

If you want to be part of the Emerging Leaders Division, now is the time. EMERGE2019 is just around the corner. EMERGE2019, brought to you by the Emerging Leaders Division, is taking place on May 20-22 in Denver, Colorado at the Westin Downtown Denver.


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