Dirk Beveridge, UnleashWDThe Innovation Inversion Rule states that the urgency of innovation and the ability to innovate are inversely related. In other words, when a company is most able to innovate, generally innovation is put on the back burner. When times are good. When sales are strong. When resources are in place. These are times when company’s get lulled into comfort. While they are in position to this different, invest for tomorrow, and innovate for the future, they are busy making happen today what today demands. And the opposite is true as the market and business softens. When there is pain of sorts, the leaders realize “we must change” yet their focus again is on the today. Resources are tight, sales have slowed, and there is a need to watch expenses closely. The need for change is there, but the ability is not.

Have you seen the Innovation Inversion Rule play out in your business? Now is the time to begin thinking differently. Those with an innovative mindset know that innovation, change and continued improvement is an everyday occurrence.

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