PACE Supply recently opened the doors of its newest location at 4569 E. Home Ave. in Fresno, California. The store will serve as a joint branch for PACE Supply and Premier Pump & Supply, a division of PACE Supply.

PACE Supply acquired the location when it purchased PAMSCO in 2018. Much of the staff from PAMSCO remains as the location went through an extensive remodel to reopen as PACE Supply.

“PAMSCO was a well-established company in the Fresno area. It had a long history and great customer relationships in the market,” PACE Supply Vice President of Sales Jim Bresnahan said. “Customers can continue to rely on PACE Supply’s daily deliveries and quick will-call from our extensive stock of plumbing, fire, hydronic, wastewater, water treatment, water heater and waterworks products.”

Aldo Innocenti is the branch manager in Fresno. “We have built a team of local experts,” he said. “We look forward to providing great service and an expansive product offering through our 40,000-square-foot warehouse.”

Innocenti previously served as a branch manager in Sacramento and has 20 years of industry experience. PACE Supply has more than 20 wholesale locations, four Premier Bath & Kitchen locations in California and Hawaii and ships products to customers internationally.