One of the four cornerstones of ASA’s value proposition is offering a robust advocacy effort to protect the interest of our association’s members.

In fact, I am proud of how hard we have worked to build such a dynamic advocacy presence, which we have focused on a wide range of interests in the areas of codes, standards, regulatory affairs, legislative affairs and political action. Few organizations can match our association’s ability to project a voice to advocate for us in Washington. In fact, today, ASA has built our brand and influence among key legislators, administrators and more importantly among allied organizations that will work with us as partners in fighting for sound, responsible federal policy.

Six years ago, few in Washington knew about ASA and the valuable role we can play in protecting our industry and advancing the voice of our members. We have singlehandedly rallied our allied partners, such as our industry’s buying groups, to join ASA by engaging our industry’s thousands of firms and the roughly 200,000 professionals into a cohesive and effective voice inside the Beltway.

One person can make a difference in driving the necessary changes in Washington. Thousands of voices can be an unstoppable wave in protecting an industry. By the time this article comes out, the November elections will be over and we will have greater clarity with the type of laws and regulations that will come from our nation’s capital in the next two years. You will hear more about some of the critical U.S. House and Senate races that ASA has supported in this election cycle in the lead article in the ASA News section of this issue of Supply House Times (see page 98). 

ASA supported these campaigns through donations from our ASA Political Action Committee (PAC) because these candidates demonstrated to our Government Affairs Committee that they supported the issues that are vitally important to our industry. We supported these candidates because we felt that it was important to all our businesses that we continue to see the favorable laws and regulations coming out of Washington that have spurred the economic recovery we are experiencing today.

It has been exciting to experience over the past two years the renaissance we are seeing in how Washington appreciates our businesses and the value we offer our nation. Regardless of who will control Congress, we must all engage in educating the newly elected officials on the value our industry offers America and Americans. To best accomplish that goal I urge you to get behind the American Supply Association.

As a member, you can support our political-action efforts, you can come to Washington and work with our advocacy team to educate our elected leaders, and you can invite your newly elected member of Congress to tour your facility so they can greater appreciate the value your business offers to your communities.

All these are important things that you can do and the ASA advocacy team is available to help you do it. Let us know how we can help you to jump in and get started.

In order to have a true and lasting impact, we must all engage behind ASA’s advocacy effort — members and nonmembers working together to protect our common interests.