Gerber’s Treysta rough-in valve system is built to accommodate varying requirements plumbers face onsite in a range of installations. Treysta’s vertical inlets allow for maximum flexibility in the wall and can install next to a stud in PEX applications, greatly reducing the need for re-framing. With an easy-access mounting system and an innovative plaster guard with integrated depth indexing, Treysta is engineered for smooth and quick installation. The system also features quarter-turn service stops that open and close with a flathead screwdriver in the slot or pliers on the flat sides for ease of maintenance. A reversible test plug accommodates full system tests, as well as hot, cold and cross-flow tests. It also has a solution for “with” and “without” stops, and accommodates back-to-back installations and reversed hot and cold inlets, as well as IPS / sweat, cold-expansion PEX and crimp PEX applications.