In the last five years the standard 32- to 36-inch shower traditionally favored by builders has been replaced by a more spacious 42- to 48-inch shower, according to Paul Patton, senior product development manager, Delta Faucet Co. Some homes are installing 60-inch showers.

An eight-minute shower five days a week is the national average, Patton said. The trend toward more luxurious showers has led some hotel chains to install more elaborate showerheads and other amenities.

“No two people will experience a shower the same - it is a very personal experience,” Patton noted.

Although a recent survey found that 66% of consumers favor two-function tub/shower valves that adjust both the temperature and volume of water, builders tend to avoid them because too often the wrong valve is installed inside the wall, Patton said.

Delta Faucet Co. has introduced the MultiChoice™ Universal Valve, a tub/shower valve system that offers three function options - single-function pressure balance, dual-function pressure balance, and a new dual-function thermostatic valve cartridge - from one valve installed in the wall. Patton said Delta is the first manufacturer to offer the ability to install both pressure balance and thermostatic cartridges in one valve.

The MultiChoice Universal Valve allows for easy shower upgrades, eliminates the wrong valve from being installed, saves warehouse shelf space with its reduced packaging size, and utilizes existing Delta brand trim packages.