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Katherine Scull
Company: Ferguson Enterprises
Position: Director of Branch Management, Washington DC (21 years)


What do you like about working for the company?

Ferguson gives each associate the ability to grow as an individual, share their ideas and play a significant role in the business alongside excellent peers. As well, there are great leaders at Ferguson that guide and mentor you, but also give you the freedom to grow by making your own decisions – letting you excel in your position by proving yourself and your contribution to the team. Ferguson also offers an endless amount of opportunities to achieve your personal career goals.  


What made you get involved in the industry?

I was referred to Ferguson by a friend who spoke very highly of the company.  So glad I pursued the opportunity!


What would your sales pitch be to a young woman who might be considering joining the industry?  

It’s an exciting time for our industry – there are a lot of great opportunities for women to learn, excel and lead. Don’t be afraid to work hard and take on new challenges – it’s these values that will help you meet your professional career goals while also helping improve an already great industry.