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Jessica Kolaitis
Company: Tim Morales & Associates (Mobile, Alabama)
Position: Accounting and operations manager (7 years)

How did you get in the industry? 

A mutual friend knew our president (Tim Morales) and connected us.

What do you like the most about your job/company you work for?

I enjoy that our company is like a team. We all try to help one another and pitch in even if it’s not our primary responsibility. Everyone wants the business to grow. If one is successful then we all are. I also enjoy not only helping our customers but seeing them be successful and grow.


How important do you feel it is to attract young professionals into this industry?

I think it is very important to bring the younger generation into this industry. The youth is the workforce of tomorrow and if you want your company to be a player long-term, you must have engaged younger employees.


How important do you feel it is to attract women into the industry?

I believe women bring a different perspective not only to business but to this industry. Women troubleshoot, problem-solve and think differently. And in a male-dominated profession, these attributes make them more valuable. You also want the most qualified to fill positions and there are many qualified women who aren’t getting the same opportunities as their male counterparts.