BNP Media’s Plumbing Group, comprised of the Plumbing & MechanicalSupply House TimesPM Engineer (pme) and Reeves Journal brands, recently visited Grundfos’ new North American headquarters building in the western Chicago suburb of Downers Grove, Ill. The new location earned a LEED Silver designation from the U.S. Green Building Council efficiencies.

“This building gives Grundfos a tremendous advantage,” Grundfos Business Development Director Commercial Buildings, North America Steve Schmitz told me in a video interview.

“We’ve been in North America for quite a long time, but we decided to move here to our new headquarters to take advantage of the water nexus we see forming in Chicago. We have great access to the airport so we can get around the globe where we need to be with a number of different endeavors we’re involved in. The talent pool in the Chicago area is substantial. Overall, we see it as a great win for the company,” Schmitz said.

During the visit, Schmitz showed Plumbing Group managers and editors numerous product displays that highlighted some of the company’s many energy- and water-efficient products.

“Part of our core values are sustainability in water and sustainability in efficiency,” he said. “Probably the best example of that is a product such as our Magna 3, which offers a tremendous advantage with energy efficiency, about 80% less. If you can use less and get more out of it at the same time, it’s a great advantage for the end user.”

Schmitz also touched on the efficiencies the company brings into the distribution channel.

“A variable-speed pump such as the Magna 3 is really an integrated package of the pump, the drive and the controller all in one,” he said. “By having a tightly integrated package with the hydraulics built into it and a variable-speed application, one pump can cover multiple pumps that may have been constant application before. A distributor or wholesaler only needs a few variable-speed models on the shelf compared to a dozen different fixed speed models.”


Exclusive video with Steve Schmitz

Check out our exclusive video with Grundfos Business Development Director Commercial Buildings, North America Steve Schmitz: