At its recent annual awards dinner in Hershey, Pa., APR Supply named Viega its vendor of the year. APR Supply Vice President of Marketing and Emerging Markets Jeff MacDowell presented the award to Viega National Accounts Manager Judy Rump.

“The reason we chose this partner as the vendor of the year is because they’ve helped us grow our market share in several categories,” MacDowell explained. “Viega has been a winner for us in 2016. They continue to lead the pack with a recognized brand that continually innovates and is an excellent partner to the wholesale distributor.”

APR Supply also named the AD buying group its innovation partner of the year. APR Supply President and CEO Scott Weaver presented the award to AD HVAC Vice President Justin Dunscomb.

“AD is an inspirational company,” he said. “They are committed to our success and take great companies and make them even better. They have great leadership, and year in and year out, AD members continue to outperform the market.”