What matters to our members and the industry is what matters most to ASA. Two years ago, ASA reached out to members and conducted a first-ever Member Satisfaction Survey. Our staff and leaders wanted to know how we’re doing. We focused on two key questions: one, what do members value? And secondly, what do members use and how often do they participate in our programs? The answers were revealing. By taking a member-centered approach, we were able to listen to members’ needs and look through a data-driven lens to focus our strategic plan and value delivery. This June we followed up with our second member survey. Here’s a recap that benchmarks our progress.

ASA’s four pillars are intact and continue to build relevance and value for members better than ever. ASA University, the NETWORK annual conference, Business Intelligence and Advocacy all continue to improve both in value and member usage. A fifth pillar has emerged, but I’ll save that for the end of this article. Hold back from reading ahead!


ASA University (ASA-U) rebranding efforts have propelled ASA-U to #1 value position garnering 84% of members’ value and an 18% improvement over 2014 benchmark. Six of 10 members use ASA-University. Don’t be one of the four who doesn’t. Advisory Service shot forward in a big way (47% value) by providing members customized training programs, and makes starting a training program at your company easy. ASA-U’s Master of Distribution Management (MDM) added a fast-track curriculum to help management trainees and supervisors earn the MDM credential in 6-9 months and ran up a 46% value score. Workforce Development makes traction based on the ASA National Labor Study conducted in 2015 and 37% value this as critical to both company and industry growth. Awareness continues to advance ASA-U. Build your competitive edge by recruiting, developing and retaining the best trained in the industry.


ASA’s annual NETWORK event shot up to #2 position behind ASA-U, and we know why. The education and networking are second to none. 78% members value NETWORK with a 15% improvement over 2014. It’s where the industry meets. 2016’s event tagline “The Industry In Focus” means to deliver. Scheduled to take place in New York City Sept. 28-30, NETWORK2016 hasn’t been to New York City in 30 years. Where else can you network and connect to build industry relationships among your peers in one venue? Looking forward to seeing you at the Waldorf-Astoria, register today!


ASA Business Intelligence continues to provide huge value to those who participate, capturing 78% member value. OPR, Commodity Report, Materials Market Digest and ASA Advisory show a 7% improvement from 2014. Seven out of 10 members report easily knowing how to find and download Business Intelligence reports. Members are looking for trend information, market data and benchmarking among peers. Use this forecasting data to make better business decisions for your company. Consider submitting data to OPR and benchmarking your company’s success.


ASA’s Advocacy continues to advance the voice of the industry. 73% members value ASA’s Advocacy, representing an 11% improvement over 2014. Membership value shows a 13% improvement due to full-time staff in D.C. 65% of member-companies supported the concept and consequently ASA hired a Codes & Standards engineer (welcome Hugo Aguilar!) to understand building codes and their effects on manufacturing and wholesale-distribution. ASA’s members need to be heard on regulatory issues that significantly affect the industry’s ability to handle national and local standards. Political Action Committee (PAC) is valued by nearly Six of every 10 members and more than half of ASA members value the Washington Weekly e-newsletter. Have you opened one of these emails lately? No doubt this election cycle will have a big impact on your business. Stay in the know with ASA Advocacy and PAC.


Ah, yes the 5th pillar—I didn’t forget. It’s you. Our Young Executives are valued by 70% of members, a 23% improvement from 2014. Plumbing division 69% value and 19% improvement. Women In Industry 63% valued by members (and this is not a typo) 62% improvement from 2014. Wow! Industrial Piping Division holds steady at 39% value. We launched the I AM ASA campaign and continue to build our member outreach from principal/owner and junior management on up. Our emails to you, daily and/or weekly — 83% report it’s just the right amount of email. So we’ll keep sending them and continue refining content to inform and Advance Your Ability.


It’s an honor to serve you. Our strategic plan of delivering four mega goals is better focused with the 2016 Member Satisfaction Survey data at our fingertips to provide you: 1) Operational Excellence, 2) Employee Recruitment and Education, 3) Advocacy and 4) Industry Stewardship. Thank-you to the 18% of ASA’s entire membership who took the survey (and those that did not). Together, we’re building the PHCP and industrial PVF industry. ASA is back! See you in New York.