As ASA president, I am frequently asked about ASA’s many benefits. Quite often the question will come up, “What is ASA’s strongest member offering?” 

That is somewhat difficult to answer because of the quality and quantity of ASA’s programs and services. But without question, ASA’s education and training programs are beyond comparison.

ASA University is the only resource directed specifically to the PHCP, industrial and mechanical PVF industry built from the ground up by members actively working in the industry. ASA University combines online and traditional learning to address the needs of new or seasoned employees.  The five colleges of ASA University help drive content to the industry with each college containing roles within the distribution supply chain. Contained within the roles are: job descriptions, on-the-job assessments and a training track that has a curriculum fully focused on developing an employee within a current or for a future position.

Member companies have access to College of Sales/Sales Management, College of Warehouse Management, College of Purchasing/Inventory Management, College of Leadership/Executive Management and College of Business Management. Each college has something to offer ASA members and their employees in the way of training. Please check out more information at today to see what I’m talking about.

Another relatively new training addition gaining traction is the ASA-U Advisory Service. The recently introduced program allows ASA University staff to assist members in building and implementing a training program specific to their company while saving time and money. To learn more about the Advisory Service, look no further than Doug Dillon’s article in this month’s ASA News section. 

Doug does a great job illustrating how two current ASA members have successfully utilized the Advisory Service to its fullest by engaging their employees in customized training programs specifically aimed at their needs. Also see the accompanying Advisory Service article in this month’s ASA News. More Advisory Service information can be found at

The newest ASA University program that is quickly gaining popularity is the Master of Distribution Management certification program. The MDM is a first of its kind, 100% industry-focused, comprehensive eight-point program that emphasizes competencies most sought by employers. The MDM empowers current and future leaders rising within the industry and works a lot like most university master’s programs. 

The MDM curriculum is a mix of core and elective courses followed by an assessment and a capstone project that completes the program. Candidates must submit a case study that illustrates how they successfully implemented a strategy or approach within their company and which demonstrates their aptitude and understanding about how a distribution manager successfully performs on the job. To learn more, visit

Overall, the training and educational offerings available through ASA have been, and will continue to be, second to none within the industry. Please contact Amy Black and the ASA University team today at630/467-0000 to learn more. You’ll be glad you did.