Fluidmaster President Todd Talbot is featured in a new five-episode podcast series hosted by UnleashWD founder and Supply House Times columnist Dirk Beveridge.

As part of Beveridge’s Innovate for the Future series, Talbot, who has led Fluidmaster since July 2011, discusses the company’s vision, culture, value proposition, business model and the topic of transformative leadership.

The entire series and all episodes of Innovate for the Future are available on iTunes and on the Innovate for the Future FM website. From the website, listeners will be able to download the episode transcript and access links of all the resources discussed in the particular episode.

Episodes in the five-part series, include:

1. The Fluidmaster Way: Bold growth through disciplined progress (available now).
2. Fostering a worldwide culture of innovation (available now).
3. Creating a differentiated value proposition (available now).
4. Three critical path strategies define the business model (available Sept. 7).
5. How innovative leaders lead (available Sept. 14).