Did you know that trade associations such as ASA are the only entities that are required to obtain written permission from its membership to talk to them about political contributions?

Like virtually every trade association in America, we believe this effort wastes our time and yours. Furthermore, members of trade associations like you have a constitutional right to join together in support of or in opposition to candidates for political office. The prior approval requirement discourages members from participating in their association’s PAC and creates an unequal playing field for trade-association PACs that constrains their members’ First Amendment rights to free speech.

Political action committees or PACs play an important role in the campaign process. PAC’s support political campaigns, campaigns that produce officials who are responsible for making decisions that impact our businesses each day. Our industry needs a PAC to help elect those officials who share our views, and are supportive of small-to-medium- sized, multigenerational businesses such as yours and have an understanding of the issues that are important to us.

ASA dues do not support ASA PAC. ASA PAC receives voluntary contributions from dedicated individuals each year. For them, doing so is an essential responsibility as an industry citizen. It is a show of support for a mature industry that helped build our country with more than 3,600 companies that provide a livelihood for more than 80,000 professionals, employees and their families.

While we’re hopeful that our efforts and those of the Prior Approval Reform Coalition (PARC) are successful, we still need your help. Please be on the lookout for information and outreach from ASA staff as we work to obtain your prior approval and consider joining us as we advocate for what’s important to you, your company and your employees.