More and more,as I travel around the country to industry events I am asked why areASA members so zealous about this association?  

Passionate leadership

As I reflect on that question I think the reason is ASA members are business leaders passionate about driving their businesses forward by preparing for the unexpected. After surviving the Great Recession that hit our nation hard in 2009, ASA members, like most business leaders, continue to have a little apprehension about what’s around the corner — that nagging voice in your head that says to not get too excited about the uptick in the economy and in company sales numbers because it could evaporate quickly. 

However, those firms that affiliate with ASA tend to ignore those voices and are driven and aggressive about their businesses — not reckless but bold. They are not complacent about the state of their companies but constantly strive to be better, even if being better is benchmarked against their current success. It’s the “I’m the best but I can be better” mindset.

Valuable data source

They are passionate about affiliating with ASA and engaging with fellow members, attending events and participating in association programs because it will provide them with valuable data to make educated decisions that will help their businesses evolve as the economy and markets change.  

By being engaged with the American Supply Association, members are challenged — challenged to innovate, to excel and to be bold. Members also are zealous about ASA because they better understand what the economic trends will be in the coming year well before their competitors because they hear it at Network.

98% accurate forecast

What do our members do with a 98% accurate forecast and monthly updates to that forecast? They steer their firms away from economic trouble. Beyond the economic forecasts another benchmarking tool such as our Operating Performance Report not only helps members benchmark their performance with those in the industry but it benchmarks their own progress which challenges them to step outside their comfort zone to improve their process to excel. OK, so you are better than everyone in your market. What will you do with that knowledge? Will you be comfortable or will you use the data to look for ways to get even better? Ever wonder why successful sports franchises such as the New England Patriots and the St. Louis Cardinals (yes a Cubs fan equates long-term success with the Cardinals. There, I said it!) always seem to dominate their leagues. It’s because they have a process in place to evaluate and train better than everyone else — to succeed when others seem complacent.  

Best-trained employees

So too are ASA members. They set lofty goals and set the bar high in employing the best-trained and most professional employees in the industry, but why is this important? Our members know it’s the little things that separate them from their competitors when it comes to landing that big order. Those who operate ASA member firms have the confidence that their employees are fully prepared and have the proper tools and skills to perform their duties at the highest level. This positions their firms as not just suppliers of products, but suppliers of solutions to their customers’ problems. ASA members set themselves apart from everyone else. Our members know that the American Supply Association has the products and the services that they need to help them achieve that level of success.

As an association, we also are challenged to innovate and evolve. We continue to look for new ways to help our members understand trends, find new employees and better train their existing employees to improve their processes and be market leaders.  

Over the past few months, you have started seeing testimonials from our members under the heading “I Am ASA.” Each one builds the case for the value of our association. Our members, as zealous as they are, have emboldened ASA to accomplish things that were not even imagined 5-10 years ago. ASA’s members, hundreds of volunteer leaders and dedicated staff together are working to build a more profitable industry.

We Are ASA and we invite you to join us.