Pentair recently debuted its new Internet-connected battery backup sump pump with Virtual Water Assistant remote monitoring. The system protects from basement flooding by providing text or email alerts if the backup pump is activated, power is lost or the battery charge is low, all of which may lead to costly basement flooding. The system kicks into action during power outages or if the primary pump fails. The backup works alongside any existing sump pump and can help protect a home for days on a single charge. The system allows a homeowner to remotely run a diagnostics test cycle to confirm the system is working correctly. The homeowner also can set up the system to send a text or email alert to their plumbing contractor, ensuring the contractor is immediately made aware of any major issues and that their assistance may be required. The battery backup sump pump features an energy-efficient DC pump that can deliver up to 2,700 GPH of flow and also can remove more than 11,500 gal. on a single charge when running on the recommended 75Ah battery.