Dear Industry Colleagues,


It has been one exciting, successful and fast year for me as ASA president. 

In my first letter of the year here, I emphasized my commitment to leading ASA through another year of growth, collaboration and participation.  Now, at the end of my tenure, I can say I have successfully completed those commitments; though not without the help of many.

In 2014, we enjoyed a third consecutive year of net membership growth as an association. Our educational programs continue to be their strongest ever, and they only get better each year.  This past year, the ASA Education Foundation rolled out the Master of Distribution Management, a cutting edge first-of-its-kind program with a 100% industry-focused comprehensive format. 

Our financial strength as an organization continues its ongoing growth, allowing us to reinvest in new membership programs so we all can grow and benefit. In addition, we carry forward our strong advocacy program through Dan Hiltonin Washington as well as our strengthened business intelligence offerings, which continue to serve as some of the most popular ASA member benefits.

One of the key reasons ASA continues the incredible roll that it has experienced over the last several years is the leadership of Mike Adelizzi and his staff. I have them to thank for guiding me through the past year, and more importantly, making me look good in the process.  Throughout the past 12 months, both ASA and ASA Education Foundation staff have made my work both rewarding and effortless.

I also have to recognize the ASA Executive Committee, which handled all of the heavy lifting this past year to ensure the continued success of the association. Jeff Pope, Rick Fantham, Tim Milford, Steve Cook, Joe Maiale, Scott Robertson, Steve Letko and Wade Long all helped carry the torch with me for ASA this past year.  I thank you all.

I have a few predecessors and mentors that I would like to acknowledge for their leadership as well. I’d like to thank 2012 ASA President Scott Weaver (APR Supply) for his mentorship since our first experiences as Young Executives up until present day. In addition, Joe Poehling (First Supply), who initially recruited me to the ASA Executive Committee, showed me that ASA was still relevant at a time when the industry wasn’t so sure. Joe’s leadership during some difficult times really set the table for ASA’s success in recent years. 

Finally, I’d like to recognize my father, Herb, who served as ASA president in 1996. He taught me that even small wholesalers such as our own Economy Plumbing Supply can make an impact on the industry. Perhaps more importantly, he taught me that you get back tenfold what you give to ASA as a volunteer leader.

Moving into a new year, I have every confidence ASA will continue its tremendous growth under the expert leadership of Hajoca’s Rick Fantham, who will serve as 2015 ASA president. I am confident Rick’s 2015 will be as positive and rewarding as 2014 was for me.

Most of all, thanks to you, the professionals, leaders and visionaries, who have built our industry into what it is today. This past year has been an experience I won’t soon forget.  I look forward to a great 2015 and hope to see all of you soon!