It takes vision, innovation and leadership to adapt and improve in an ever-changing marketplace. Now in its 110th year, NIBCO INC. not only has survived, but thrived in the flow-control industry by continuously investing in its people, processes and products. This success would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of industry partners such as the American Supply Association and its wholesaler-distributor members.

When strategic vision combines with strong leadership, change is inevitable. In late 2013, Ashley Martin, director of distribution and transportation at NIBCO, and Katie Poehling, who works in sales at First Supply, joined forces and approached ASA with an idea to form a Women in Industry division.  Their vision was to provide networking, mentoring and educational opportunities to retain and attract women leaders in this industry. With ASA’s support and promotional efforts, the dream quickly became reality in April 2014. The industry overwhelmingly responded with 80 women professionals attending the inaugural annual conference in Chicago.

The company also has adopted a leadership role in recent industry efforts to reduce lead in drinking water. Its line of lead-free valves and fittings meet or exceed national standards that took effect in 2014. NIBCO leaders also collaborated with industry peers, including ASA, and formed the “Get The Lead Out Plumbing Consortium” to educate and inform the industry as well as the general public about lead-free plumbing products. The consortium successfully educated more than 4,000 people who participated in online training courses or attended one of 57 regional presentations.

With such heritage and working with our industry partners, NIBCO is well-positioned to forge ahead with its commitment to serve its customers with excellence and help them succeed today and for decades to come.