ASA University is a combination of five dynamic colleges of knowledge geared toward providing your employees with the training necessary to help further their own careers and your company’s goals. Customizable resources will help get your training program started and maintained.

ASA University has been developed by members of the industry, led by the ASA Education Foundation Board of Trustees. This volunteer committee directs the goals and direction of ASA University, resulting in resources that respond directly to your employee development and training needs. Here’s what they have to say.


Bob Hoff

Omni Corporate Services
Aurora, Ohio

There is no better way to give back to this industry than helping to build a system of education. Our members can benefit immensely by making sure they understand the tools that are available through ASA University. The biggest benefit of our work is the end result — educating the future of wholesale distribution and to build a stronger industry. Education and training is the foundation of our success.


Brian Tuohey


Collins Pipe & Supply Co.

East Windsor, Conn.

This industry has been a true blessing to me and my family. My dad told me a long time ago that “you get what you give” in life. Prior to my involvement, our company’s training program consisted of throwing all new hires into the deep end of the pool and those that didn’t drown were considered trained. After implementing the resources of ASA University, we have a formal training program for each job discipline which is a tremendous benefit to our new employees (far fewer drowning victims) and to our company as a whole. ASA University is totally focused on identifying needs in our industry related to education or training and then developing the proper platform to fill those needs.


George Yezbak


Murray Supply

Winston-Salem, N.C.

Our company averages 350 hours of trainings annually because we believe intelligent people give us an edge over the competition. ASA University provides a forum for industry associates to know, understand and focus on accomplishing our company’s most important business goals and objectives by increasing the levels of knowledge, trust and effectiveness within our organization. Once training was implemented, our employees have become more supportive of the company as a whole, the things we do, the direction in which we are moving and are now able to see the big picture. ASA University is a self-directed source of high-quality educational tools offered at a low cost. The courses are well-done, timely and interesting. They are a benefit that should not be overlooked.


Mark Whittington

Senior VP, Sales

Elkay Mfg.

Oak Brook, Ill.

I have taken time away from my duties at Elkay because I believe this is a very worthwhile organization that is at the heart of our industry. My company benefits from my involvement because strong distribution partners mean a strong growing industry in which we are clearly entrenched. Distributors taking advantage of the ASA University curricula are even more resilient in the marketplace. The Education Foundation is diligently working to bring much-needed industry education to the next generation of industry wholesale distributors to make them better prepared, well-informed and significantly more aware of the opportunities that exist for improving their overall operations.


Todd Ford


Central States Group

Omaha, Neb.

Coming up in the industry, I’ve always known ASA for its premier product training. Now that I am in a leadership role, I wanted to join the ASA Education Foundation Board of Trustees to help build on the legacy of the product focus and work on expanding the offerings. For all of us trying to hire, train and retain great talent, it is critical that we have an education platform that reaches from product to leadership courses without costing firms a fortune. That is what ASA University has been able to deliver and will continue to build on.


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