Robertson Heating Supply announced its purchase agreement for the assets of Palmer-Donavin’s HVAC divisions in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. Robertson Heating Supply was Supply House Times’ Supply House of the Year in 2009

The acquisition will allow Robertson to expand the representation of the Rheem HVAC line and products in 42 southern Ohio and 10 northern Kentucky counties. The company will now service major markets including Dayton, Ohio. Robertson Heating Supply acquires Palmer-Donavin assets-300px

“We’re very excited and we were looking to grow,” Robertson Heating Supply President Scott Roberston told Supply House Times. “It was ideal to grow in the territory that we stopped at. Now we can arguably cover another 100 miles west. It was a logical expansion and that’s the best type of expansion.”

Now Robertson’s is a 31-branch operation and has added approximately 300 HVAC contractors with the acquisition. In the lead-up to the official agreement, Robertson hosted “meet-and-greets” with about 80 contractors in the new marketplace. The company wanted to get to know its potential new customers and quell any worries they may have about the transition.

“For the next 60 days we’re going to operate under Palmer-Donavin’s computer system,” Robertson said.

In other Robertson news, the company was named the 2012 Ohio PHCC Supplier of the Year. Robertson Vice President of Marketing Scott Middleton said the company held the honor in the “highest regard” because the award is given by the trade partners which the company is built to serve.