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Bakersfield Pipe & Supply is partnering with United Kingdom value actuator manufacturer and control systems specialist Paladon Systems to supply all quarter-turn and linear valve actuators for the U.S. market.

“One of BPS’ key strengths is making sure we stock the products our customers typically require,” Bakersfield Pipe & Supply President Dan Byrumsaid. “After stocking pipe, valves and fittings for many years we realized stocking a comprehensive range of valve actuators would complement these product lines and increase the total value we bring to our customers’ operations.”

Byrum added the California-based company over the last five years has noticed a decline in domestic valve actuator manufacturing that has resulted in increased lead times for customers.

“By investing in a large stock of valve actuators we can provide significantly reduced lead times,” Byrum said. “Paladon Systems actuators also are fully modular, so that allows us to stock numerous sizes of cylinders, spring-cartridges and scotch-yoke housings to meet the vast majority of valve torque characteristics we typically see, and offer optimal actuator sizes to reduce the cost and size to our customers.”

Paladon Systems Managing Director Brian Enneversaid entering the U.S. market made sense for the company going forward.

 “To be successful with our more conventional products lines it has always been clear we would have to partner with a progressive U.S. company that has the technical and commercial experience to gain market share and, just as importantly, be willing to invest in a very significant amount of stock to overcome shipping issues,” Ennever said. “BPS fits these requirements perfectly. The partnership gives our U.S. customers improved service and easier access to advanced valve automation technologies that have previously been unavailable to them.” 


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