After five years of combined research and field experience, Benfield Consulting offers its latest book.

After five years of combined research and field experience,Benfield Consultingoffers its latest book,“Building Value: Driving Wholesaler Returns Through Strategic and Tactical Investment". The goal of the book is to help wholesalers reach sustainable and well-above average earnings streams that drive the market value of the firm.

This book is supported by years of research and field work in the wholesale sector using a new approach to driving value. The book's timing is prescient as many wholesale firms are seeking to sell out or are under earnings pressure from shareholders. Far more than a rehash of current wholesale practice, the concepts and examples in the book have been called "revolutionary in contrast to the time-tested principles utilized in distribution..." and "a new look at an old industry."

Topics of interest include:

  • Why value is not a construct and how top Fortune-rated companies use a value approach that is superior to financial accounting measures.  

  • How wholesalers can use a new financial return concept of Transaction ROI to drive value.  

  • How financial accounting and accounting ratios including rewarding sellers on margin dollars have a greater chance of destroying value than creating it.  

  • How most cost-to-serve models fail modern day standards, give misleading information and what wholesalers need to know to have a valid cost-to-serve model.  

  • Why only three of seven acquisition strategies typically improve shareholder value.  

  • How to discount prices using transaction size and type of transaction and accurately estimate contribution to operating profit.  

  • How to use e-commerce and e-solicitation models to win sales from customers with lower price points but higher contributions to operating profit.  

  • How sales territories can be restructured using value measures including transaction profits and transaction ROI plus sales and margins to reduce long run sales costs by up to 30%.  

  • How wholesalers over-serve customers, destroy value, and what to do to match services the customer's ability to pay for them.  

    These concepts and much more are available as the book explores the facets of value and uses a mock wholesaler, Hobart Supply, to fully illustrate how value is generated through acquisitions, new models of business, transaction economics.

    This is our sixth book for wholesalers and we believe our best. We were the first channel consultancy to bring forth books on pricing and fee based services for wholesalers and our belief is that "Building Value..." is our finest work.

    You can read our white papers from the book, The Battle for Capacity, Destroying Value with Sales Compensation, and Follow the Value Streams at our home page at at

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