To kick-off the launch of its new residential product, the ecobee Smart Si thermostat, and to preview its latest commercial product, the ecobee EMS Si thermostat,ecobeeembarked May 17 on a seven-week-long road trip across the United States. Members of the ecobee team are traveling cross-country in an ecobee-branded RV and will stop at more than 50 ecobee distributor locations by June 25 to host morning, lunch and afternoon events for HVAC contractors. During these scheduled events, the ecobee team conducts live demos of the new Smart Si and EMS Si thermostats, hosts training sessions, and offers classic breakfasts and fun afternoon barbecues.

The ecobee RV also makes  stops at various local attractions to showcase the ecobee Smart Si thermostat to consumers, offer giveaways and give live product demonstrations. For the duration of the cross-country tour, ecobee is hosting two exciting contests including one for HVAC contractors who attend the distributor events, and one for consumers who can “Tweet” a photo of the ecobee RV for a chance to win a new iPad.

The company will be purchasing carbon offsets to cover all travel associated with the road trip, including both vehicle and air transportation. Additional information about the ecobee Road Trip, including event details and contest rules, can be found on ecobee’s Road Trip website at  

Remaining city stops  include:

  • June 1, Raleigh, N.C.

  • June 4, New York City
  • June 5, Hanover, N.J.
  • June 5, Hawthorne, N.J.

  • June 6, Cape Cod, Mass.
  • June 6-8, Boston

  • June 7, Manchester, N.H.

  • June 7, Portsmouth, N.H.
  • June 11, Cleveland

  • June 12, Columbus, Ohio

  • June 13, Indianapolis

  • June 14, Chicago

  • June 15, Milwaukee

  • June 18, St. Louis

  • June 19, Springfield, Mo.

  • June 21, Denver

  • June 25, Boise, Idaho