New look reinforces ASA’s re-emergence of relevance.

Dear Industry Colleagues,

Buoyed by a new, bold vision and direction, the ASA Executive Committee recently commissioned the development of a new “brand” for the association. 

Our hope is that this new brand will better reflect the vibrantand robust ASA that has emerged over the past few years. Moving forward, the industry will experience a fresher and bolder look for ASA that more accurately portrays ourre-emergence of relevance, which has been a key topic of discussion at many association meetings and industry events of late. 

Many of you have already seen ASA’s newly designed logo, which was introduced at the beginning of 2012 and is currently being incorporated into all of the association’s marketing materials. At the beginning of the year, association staff began to incorporate its “fresh look” logo into everything from business cards to letterhead to ASA’s various membership recruitment tools to the development of regional event materials. This will continue throughout the next several months as we practice the “out with the old, in with the new” philosophy. As ASA President, this is certainly an exciting time to experience this brand development on a firsthand basis.

Development of ASA’s new brand is important in several ways. As all of us who operate businesses understand, the overall quality of products and services that a business provides is a direct reinforcement of the brand. This goes without saying for companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Microsoft or McDonald’s. Not only are these brands among the most recognizable in the world, the quality of their products and services speak for themselves.Similarly, as the quality of ASA’s products and services has increased significantly over the past few years, we believe that a new and reinforced brand is warranted.How we introduce that new brand to the PHCP and PVF industry, in turn, is the most important part of the process.

Throughout our rebranding, ASA will keep a consistent focus on our stated goal of beingIndispensable to Achieving Prosperity in our Industry. As an industry-leading association, we cannot stress enough the importance of this goal. The goal is just as important to the ASA brand as the newly designed logo or any of the other elements being introduced.

Throughout the next several months, this stated goal will continue to be featured prominently in conjunction with ASA’s newly branded marketing materials, on the pages ofASA News, in myLetter from ASA Presidentin this very publication, and throughout electronic communications such as ASA’s weekly eNewsletter,ASA Insights.

Watch for more of ASA’s brand development throughout the months to come. I look forward to being part of the process.

Scott Weaver
APR Supply Co.