ASA’s Industrial Piping Division continues to grow at an amazing pace. This year, during NetworkASA 2011, the IPD Open House featured several new sponsors, along with generous support from cornerstone members likeThe Phoenix Forge Group.

Did you know that The Phoenix Forge Group, a leader in forged steel fittings and unions that dates back to 1882, started out by making horseshoes? In the early part of the 1900s, it employed more than 600 men working around the clock to produce horseshoes for the Russian and British armies. In 1939, Phoenix Forge joined the war effort by forging steel for the government. By 1953, it housed more than 21 board hammers, a complete die room and a production machine shop. From there, Phoenix Forge continued to grow its member companies and is dedicated to providing the same top quality and customer service as it has since its start. ASA thanks The Phoenix Forge Group for its continued support. Visitwww.phoenixforge.comfor more information.