This busy show featured interesting new products.

White-Rodgers Emerson Blue 4-wire thermostat. Photos by Jim Wheeler.

Sorry to locate this article at the end of three that I’ve written about this show, but the previous two were urgent!

Because this is the first Expo that I’ve attended in Las Vegas, I thought, “Ho-hum, another off-year show.” However, it was one of the largest and busiest that I’ve ever attended. Even Carrier Corp. had a booth there, which is news in itself. I saw some new and interesting products at the Expo that I wanted to share with you.

Fluke 233 Wireless Multimeter

This digital multimeter has a remote display that can be easily removed and used up to 30 ft. away from the measurement point. Why would anyone want this feature? The service technician doesn’t have to remain in close contact with the instrument while monitoring, or making adjustments on operating equipment, or where close contact would be unsafe.

The Inferno Brazing Torch from the Harris Products Group

What is interesting about this single-gas torch is that it doesn’t use Mapp gas, or propane, or an oxygen cylinder. Using just acetylene and swirled air, the company says that (with the right tip for the job) their product can reach higher temperatures and braze up to 1-5/8-inch pipe.

The Appion TEZ Speed System Vacuum Pump and Manifold Set

The Appion TEZ Speed System Vacuum Pump and Manifold Set

Someone has put a lot of thought and work into designing this complete system for pulling fast and complete HVACR system vacuums. First, it has a visible, external oil container that allows for fast and easy oil changes (a must for proper evacuation), which also prevents internal sludge buildup. Second, it has a debris trap and an oil separator, so harmful system contaminants aren’t pulled into the pump. Third, the pump is fitted with an aluminum heat sink and a turbine fan so it can’t overheat and break down its oil. Fourth, it comes complete with a 7-port manifold, gauges, a port for a vacuum gauge, and vacuum-certified hoses with an oversized internal diameter. Fifth, it comes with vacuum-certified core removal tools, for faster and deeper vacuums.

Tidy Trax Shoe Covers

Tidy Trax Shoe Covers

This is a great idea that should be amustfor all residential HVACR contractors. It is a shoe cover that a technician simply steps into whenever he or she walks through a clean area, to prevent tracking and dirtying floors or carpets.

The White-Rodgers Emerson Blue 4-wire Thermostat

When upgrading the HVAC systems in older buildings, contractors often encounter 4-wire thermostat connectors that simply can’t be removed or replaced without tearing out walls - hence, the need for this type of thermostat. The company says that this one can be easily programmed to fit almost any type of system (see above photo).

AGS ThermaSkirt

The ThermaSkirt from AGS

I was interested in this product because it is a very attractive aluminum baseboard (white or wood-grain finish) that serves as a hot-water radiator. It is available with or without controls, and the bottom portion can also be used as a run for low-voltage wiring.

A/C Leak Freeze from Universal Technologies

A/C Leak Freeze from Universal Technologies

This one worries me a bit, but it is a stop-leak for air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The manufacturer says that it permanently stops small refrigerant leaks, but it is non-clogging for A/C compressors and recovery units.

Tjernlund Reversible Xchanger

The Reversible Xchanger Basement Fan from Tjernlund Products

This is a great idea for places with damp, musty basements. It is a 2-fan venting system that is made to penetrate from the inside to the outside of a basement wall, and is operated by a humidistat to promote dryness. Each fan can be easily arranged to blow inside or outside.